Saturday, February 7, 2015 . 9PM

Event Attributes

Feminist punk rock modern dance band Tia Nina presents Juiced, slinging subversive punk tunes to subvert your rock.

Tia Nina takes on the showy, phallic panache of lead guitarists, the aggressive boastful struts of front men and the sweaty, reckless abandon of great drummers to expose the ways masculine activity, feminine passivity and compulsory heterosexuality are reproduced in rock 'n' roll.

Funded by College of Arts and Humanities Artist-in-Residence (AiR) Initiative.

Review by DC Metro Theater Arts

The program, comprised of a series of vignettes, flows with a natural ease, almost as if choreographed as one piece. Curran Moon, Silverstein, and Stoessel are to be commended, not only for their supremely athletic stamina, but also for their rock solid commitment to their characters.

RICK WESTERKAMP, DC Metro Theater Arts, February 8, 2015