The Clarice Smith Performing Arts Center Streaming Policy


  • The Clarice reserves the right to take photographs, audio recordings, and video recordings of any Event in the facility for Streaming and archival purposes. 
  • Events that have content protected by U.S. copyright law, involve the rights of performers or artists, and/or are protected by additional contracting must consider these conditions before streaming. 
  • It is the responsibility of those producing a streamed Event or using the archived recording of an Event to obtain all licensing rights required for the public performance, recording, and Streaming of their own Event.
  • Events in which the performer is also the copyright owner of the content do not require addition permissions beyond those given by the performers themselves.
  • Any personnel or students of the University who are engaged in the recording and/or streaming of Event content must adhere to the University of Maryland Policy on the Acceptable Use of Information Technology Resources, available at
  • The University holds the copyright to all recordings made by The Clarice, except as otherwise noted.


  • Streaming events that have not obtained all necessary permissions, is not in the Public Domain, or covered under the University’s ASCAP, SESAC, and BMI licenses.
  • Streaming events using online service providers or websites not authorized by and not wholly under the control of The Clarice or the University.


  • Event attendees found violating this policy would be required to stop streaming, potentially removed from the event, and banned from future events.
  • Any students found violating the policy would be reported to the University’s Office of Student Conduct.


  • Clarice Smith Performing Arts Center: 301.405.2993
  • University of Maryland Office of Student Conduct: 301.314.8204
  • Michelle Smith Performing Arts Library: 301.405.9217