UMD Faculty Dance Concert: Dance Rhythm/Sound and Space

UMD Faculty Dance Concert

Dance Rhythm/Sound and Space
November 13-16, 2014
Faculty Dance Concert
Principal People: 

Director Alvin Mayes

Special Announcement: 

Friday, November 14: Arrive early! We expect heavy parking delays to other events occurring on campus.

Event Attributes

Program Notes: 

Dance Rhythm/Sound and Space will excite the senses. This collection of works includes creative and inventive choreography and continues the School of Theatre, Dance, and Performance Studies’ tradition of collaborations with composers, videographers, costume and lighting designers, musicians and other dancers.

The concert features the unique artistry of dance faculty members Adriane Fang, Sharon Mansur and Miriam Phillips.


Adriane Fang, choreographer and performer

Grains is a multi-layered work that plays with the concept of time, weaving through a shifting visual landscape built by a continual stream of sand falling from the rafters upon the stage.

At times elegant, emotionally rich, and surreal, the work employs compelling music and thought-provoking imagery to capture the attention of the audience.

Grains was commissioned by the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts as part of the 2014 Local Dance Commissioning Project.

Soleá de Edad

Miriam Phillips (La Miri), choreographer and performer
​Marija Temo, music collaborator and performer

Soleá de Edad journeys through the lush topography of the Southern Spanish musical form Soleá, considered by many “the mother of flamenco forms.”

Interweaving traditional and modern flamenco styles, Soleá de Edad centers on the repetitive gestures, rhythms, and states of mind that weave through life, propelling both struggles and triumphs as they twist and turn across life changes; how embodied memory adapts and strikes out as we dance and re-dance, sing and re-play familiar passages.

variation on residue

Sharon Mansur, creator and performer
Brian Harris, video realization

variation on residue is a dance film inspired by the original live solo performance residue (2012), and will be installed in various locations both inside and outside of The Clarice.

Inspired, in part, by ‘pentimento’, an underlying trace image in a painting that has been covered over, residue marks the passage of time and remnants of memories through a spare and fragile, yet richly visual and kinetic landscape.

Review in The Diamondback

While the professors were the driving forces behind their pieces, each of them worked with creative teams to flesh out their ideas.

“I really enjoy seeing whatever comes from the different collaborators working in their own mediums,” [Sharon] Mansur said. “Over time, it adds different contributions.”

MOLLY PODLESNY, The Diamondback, November 19, 2014