Fall MFA Dance Thesis Concert

Fall MFA Dance Thesis Concert

Nyam chiem & Octavia's Brood: Riding the Ox Home
October 15 & 16, 2015 . 7:30PM

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Estimated Length: 
2 hours including intermission
Program Notes: 
Nyam chiem
By Sinclair Ogaga Emoghene

Nyam chiem is a creation of the surreal environment of the human mind that occurs while a person is going through an episode of sleep paralysis/nighttime disturbance.

This project is a conscious attempt to positively engage with forms of paralysis through dance, art and installation. Not all that happens in such a world is bad or negative. We fantasize about things that, in turn, become real in different, wonderful ways.

Octavia’s Brood: Riding the Ox Home
By Meghan Abadoo

Octavia's Brood exposes the Kensho, or essence, of a Black woman. It sings, weeps, wonders, saunters and hollers in elation. It leaps through time, landing in the antebellum South of the mid-1800s and an unknown date in an unknown place of a foreseen future. It imagines a world in which women of color are warriors, prophets and presidents.

Inspired by the characters of storytellers and racial justice activists Harriet Tubman Davis and Octavia Butler, it asks you to imagine this world too.