Eyes Wide Open: Kreativity's End of Semester Performance

Eyes Wide Open

Kreativity's End of Semester Performance
Friday, May 8, 2015 . 7:30PM
Kreativity Diversity Troupe
Kreativity Diversity Troupe

Event Attributes

COURAGE is hope embodied, unchecked by fears. It is the will to live in your truth in the face of external pressure. LEVELS OF CONSCIOUSNESS are the mental, physical, spiritual and emotional ingredients that create our multidimensional selves. AWARENESS, whether it happens before or after, too late or too early, are the breaths of realizations that keep us on the journey of our identities.

Eyes Wide Open is an artistic exploration of these distinct yet interwoven themes of human experience. Explore, question, challenge, choose, and change along with the Kreativity Diversity Troupe!