Shared MFA Thesis Concert: Brown and Opare

Shared MFA Thesis Concert

Apple Falling

Graham Brown, choreographer

Triumph of Disruption: A Movement to Subvert

Kwame Opare, choreographer

March 14 & 15, 2013 . 8PM
Apple Falling and Triumph of Disruption

Event Attributes

In Graham Brown’s Apple Falling, the lives of seven individuals intersect as they each interact with their familial histories, musing over the stories and characters that have, over the generations, helped shape who they are and who they will become. Can we control how far the apple falls from the tree?

Kwame Opare uses pop iconic imagery and popular music in Triumph of Disruption: A Movement to Subvert, a funky, hip and engagingly fantastical journey through time and space. The choreographer entertains the concept of disruption as a method to alleviate the problems facing a particular group of young people — an artful attempt to show, through dance, iconic pop imagery and music, an epidemic of failure in America’s methods of educating its youth.

Preview in The Washington Informer

"When you can educate children properly — give them something that pertains to them, it makes them want to learn. You instill [a sense of] pride in them," Opare said.

"That is why I say that I want to disrupt the mis-education of African-American youth. It is through this empowerment that you can make a better society."

– STACY M. BROWN, The Washington Informer, Wednesday, March 13, 2013