Scientific Method and Creative Process

The Scientific Method and the Creative Process

Tuesday, September 18 . 7:30PM
Hasan Elahi
Hasan Elahi photo by Alison Harbaugh
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Artistic Director of SITI Company Anne Bogart

UMD Professor of Physics Bill Dorland

UMD Professor of Art and Digital Media Hasan Elahi

Composer and singer Ysaye Barnwell

Moderator Kojo Nnamdi

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In the world of science, the moment of discovery is usually very inauspicious. That discovery can be shared when meaning is attached to it and it is contextualized with evidence.

What happens in the world of artistic creation? Is the process different or more similar than we might imagine?

Our panelists represent innovative thinking in both science and the arts, and all of them have explored the multiple ways in which the two worlds intersect.