Full Disclosure: Creative Responses to the Digital Privacy Crisis

Full Disclosure: Creative Responses to the Digital Privacy Crisis

Monday, March 9, 2015 . 6:45PM
UMoves photo by Jared Mezzocchi
Principal People: 

Senior Reporter, ProPublica and author of Dragnet Nation: A Quest for Privacy, Security and Freedom in a World of Relentless Surveillance Julia Angwin

Chief Futurist, UMD Division of Research, WAMU/88.5 Computer Gal Allison Druin

Founding Executive Director, International Spy Museum and author of Business Confidential: Lessons for Corporate Sucecss from Inside the CIA Peter Earnest

Associate Professor, UMD Department of Art Hasan Elahi

Fellow, Brennan Center for Justice NYU Law School, former FBI special agent and author of Thinking Like a Terrorist: Insights of a Former FBI Undercover Agent Michael German

Digital Panelist, Assistant Professor, UMD Department of American Studies, Director, Design | Cultures + Creativity Program Jason Farman

Moderator Kojo Nnamdi

Special Announcement: 

This event takes place off-campus at the International Spy Museum.

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The line “if you’ve got nothing to hide, you have nothing to worry about” is used all too often in defending surveillance overreach. While the argument applies to some situations, it represents a very narrow way of looking at privacy.

There are myriad of ways to respond to the digital privacy crisis that is currently plaguing our society. Come hear how responses are becoming more and more creative, not only by artists but also by professionals in the privacy arena who recognize the need for more surveillance of surveillance!

Authors Julia Angwin, Peter Earnest and Michael German will be signing books that will be available to buy at the event.

Presented in partnership with the Design | Cultures and Creativity Student Council and ACES (Advanced Cybersecurity Experience for Students) Student Board

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