What would your dance story be?

This post is by Megan Piluk, a Senior Dance and Communication double major.

Graham Brown

Photo courtesy of Graham Brown


I recently saw Graham Brown’s work Apple Falling, as part of the Shared MFA Dance Thesis Concert at the Clarice Smith Performing Arts Center. It almost seemed as if a play was unfolding in front my eyes. Even though there was not much talking throughout the work, the dancers communicated conversations through their movements and were very aware of their dynamic roles. The overall tone of the piece alternated from lighthearted to deep, with a strong theme around the role Brown’s father played in his life and how it affected his relationships with his friends, children and wife.

The choreography left me in amazement. There were series of intricate partner work and group dances in which the dancers would use the stable props and each other as props, weaving in and out of each other. In one scene, a dining room table was utilized so remarkably that I wanted to get up and join the dinner party dance. The dancers explored a lot of spatial possibilities during this scene, utilizing the table and each other in their movement.

Another scene that really stood out to me was the changing duet. In the duet, Brown and the dancer who played his wife took off their clothes and put on a new set of clothes, repeating this sequence numerous times. It showed the rawness of being in a relationship and illustrated the steady glide of time that passes throughout one’s life.

Overall Apple Falling was a stunning work that exemplified themes about family and struggles that really resonated with its audience. I feel like the work was a dance summary of Brown’s life that makes me wonder what my life would look like if I could explain it through dance. What would your dance story be?