Kogod Theatre: Technical Specifications

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  • Ground plan drawing:
    PDF | VWX


  • Rep light plot: PDF

Seating charts

Download seating charts of available seating options




Item Measurement
Venue floor length 53'11"
Venue floor width 53'0"
Clearance dimensions of load-in door 9'8"w x 12'h
Ceiling height 27'9"
Total room dimensions 2858 sq ft



  • Ground plan drawing: PDF | VWX
  • Lighting Inventory: PDF

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Type Quantity Height Width


35 17' 9'
Doorway and Door Masking 4 17' 4'6"
Above Door Masking 4 8' 4'6"


Traveler is split in the center and opens and closes horizontally.

2 16'6" 25'6"


Hangs on traveler track

1 17' 52'


6 5' 21'
For Cyc/Traveler Track 1 1'6" 52'


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A wide variety of sound reinforcement options are available in the Kogod Theatre, ranging from CD playback and a speaker at a lectern to a fully supported theatrical production. Live sound can be run from a mix position in the rear of the house (depending on seating arrangement) or from the Tech Booth above the stage. Mixing console, microphones, portable speakers and other author inventory are shared throughout the Center and are dependent on availability.

House speaker system

  • (4) EV SX-300 2-way Full Range Speakers (one in each corner of the room)

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The Kogod Theatre is equipped with an ETC GIO lighting console.

Note that catwalk access in the Kogod Theatre poses significant obstructions to lighting shots; please check theatre section carefully. Houselights in hallways surrounding the theatre cannot be dimmed lower than 30% due to safety requirements.

Available equipment

  • Source 4 Ellipsoidal (750 W)
    All ellipsoidals have top hats available
    • 26 Degree
    • 36 Degree
    • 50 Degree
  • Source 4 Pars (575 W)
  • Strand Fresnelite (2 kW)


  • This inventory includes all of the equipment that is displayed on the rep plot.
  • All booms longer than 16’-0” are required to be tied off to the grid. Exact placement must be determined prior to light hang. Other booms may be tied off at the discretion of the Master Electrician. Other size pipes may be available. Please consult with your Production Coordinator.
  • Any flying practicals require prior approval of the Technology Shop Manager.
  • Standard accessories are available for all equipment. Barn doors for 8” Fresnels are 36” side-to-side when fully open and will not open past 180 degrees. Units should be spaced accordingly.
  • There is no template stock available.


  • Rep light plot: PDF
  • Channel Hookup: PDF
  • Paperwork available upon request.

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Dressing rooms and green room

The Green Room, Dressing Rooms and restrooms are shared by the Kay Theatre and Kogod Theatre.

  • Four (4) soloist Dressing Rooms are each equipped with 4 makeup stations, a sink and a shower.
  • Two (2) chorus Dressing Rooms are each equipped with 15 makeup stations, ironing board, sinks and space for 20
  • One (1) Green Room (250 ft2) is located adjacent to the dressing room area. It includes a sink, refrigerator and several sofas and chairs.


Men’s and Women’s restrooms are adjacent to each respective chorus dressing room and are equipped with shower facilities. Though not accessible by the audience, the restrooms are for general use and are located in a classroom hallway.

Internet access

Guest access to the UMD wireless network is available. Wireless access requires an authentication for each device connecting to the internet, available by speaking with your Production Coordinator.

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