Frequently Asked Rental Questions

Tony Kushner

Tony Kushner photo courtesy of the College of Arts & Humanities

How far in advance can I book your spaces?

The Clarice’s priority users are the UMD School of Music; UMD School of Theatre, Dance, and Performance Studies; and the Artist Partner Program. Generally, we schedule our season two years out. Our season runs July 1 through June 30.

The calendar will open to the public in December of each calendar year and available for bookings roughly a year and half from that date. For example, calendars open December 2016 are open through June 2017.

How can I see your facilities?

We’d be happy to schedule a walkthrough with you after completion of the Rental Request Form

Can I use ticketing revenue in lieu of paying for the space?

Yes. You will still be required to pay the 25% nonrefundable deposit. The ticket revenue will be applied for the remaining rental balance.

What is your cancellation policy?

After contract execution, you have until 6 weeks out from the event date to cancel without penalty. Otherwise, the full rental balance is due. The Rental Deposit remains non-refundable and cannot be credited towards a future rental.

Do I have to have liability insurance to use your space?

Yes. All rentals must have liability insurance due 30 days prior to the rental. No exceptions.

Is my event required to use Clarice staff and equipment?

Yes. The Clarice staff must be engaged to operate sound, lighting, and theatrical equipment, and to execute house management duties. List of preferred vendors available to accommodate additional staffing and equipment needs.

What is “maximum seating” for the venue?

Maximum seating is largest seating capacity possible for the venue. However, capacity may vary according to seating and theatrical configuration as well as technical requirements.

I am a Prince George’s County Non-Profit – how do I apply for Rent Credit?

Please visit our M-NCPPC Rent Credit page.

What marketing is included with my rental?

If your event is open to the general public, we will post your event with an image, event information and a link to purchase tickets on our website after receipt of executed rental contract and deposit. Tickets will not be issued until then.

What is your merchandise policy?

Merchandise may be sold at your event with prior approval from the The Clarice. Rather than a commission rate on merchandise sales, a $25 fee is applied to the Final Invoice for each event during which merchandise is sold. The renter is responsible for providing the cash box and staff to conduct sales. Note that all book sales must be conducted by the University Book Center.

What is your catering policy?

UMD Department of Dining Services is the exclusive provider of food and beverages at The Clarice.

Any exceptions, including cultural or allergy related food requests, must be granted by Dining Services directly.

We are a non-profit organization, why does my event estimate include sales tax?

For applicable items, a six percent (6%) Maryland state sales tax is applied for all non-campus renters. You must provide a current State of Maryland Comptroller of the Treasury Retail Sales Tax Division Exemption Certificate and related account number in order to be exempt from the state sales tax.

May I sell tickets off-site?

No. All tickets must be managed and printed through the ticket office at The Clarice Smith Performing Arts Center.  Online sales through websites other than The Clarice (including discounted ticketing sites) are not permitted and will jeopardize the status of your rental.

What parking is available?

All parking is handled by the Department of Transportation Services (DOTS). The Stadium Drive Garage is metered parking only. Lot 1 – directly behind The Clarice – is free after certain hours. Learn more about parking and directions for The Clarice Smith Performing Arts Center.

How do I rent classroom or rehearsal space within the School of Music or School of Theatre, Dance, and Performance Studies?

For School of Music:

Aaron Muller – Associate Director of Production and Operations

For School of Theatre, Dance, and Performance Studies:

Bobby Hunter - Production and Events Coordinator

Note: The Clarice Scheduling & Rentals Office does not manage these spaces nor are they available for Public events.