TDPS Experimental Performance Series #1

TDPS Experimental Performance Series #1

Saturday, October 21, 2023 • 2PM & 7:30PM

Event Attributes


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Estimated Length: 
1 hour and 30 minutes
Audience Advisory: 
This performance includes strobe lights.


Featuring provocative choreography by M.F.A. Dance students, this concert is a collection of eclectic new works, serving as an unguarded exploration of these diverse artists' talents and interests.

Alondra Torres Negron '25: "Here's To Us"
A celebration of all we've felt, said, done and how we've made it through.

Leo Grierson '24: "Rainbow Bridge"
The women of the Rainbow Bridge Dog Facebook Group have finally found a corner of the internet where they can express themselves without fear of harassment. Along comes "Charlie," a new loyal friend who endears the women to him and creates a deep bond of friendship; only "Charlie" isn't exactly who he appears to be. Content Warning: strong language, mention of suicide, pet death and online harassment.

Gaya Shechter '24: "The Spectrum"
In life, any idea, emotion or concept can be conceptualized to lie on a broader scale. This interdisciplinary work investigates this spectrum: the consequences of reaching each extremity and how to navigate the optimal place to be.