TDPS Experimental Performance Series

TDPS Experimental Performance Series

February 11 & 12, 2022
Principal People: 

Title TBD by Greta Cover, B.A. Dance ’23

Untitled (Duet on Four Frames) choreographed by Carlo Antonio Villanueva, M.F.A. Dance ’23

200 phrasal verbs choreographed by Christina Robson, M.F.A. Dance ’22

Event Attributes


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Estimated Length: 
This performance will last approximately 2 hours.

Title TBD by Greta Cover

In Title TBD, Cover stages a maze of mirrors to explore how we navigate the discovery of multiple versions of our personalities throughout our lives and who we choose to identify with to construct our truest self. This work prompts audiences to ask how one’s identity impacts others and how all of our lives are interconnected.

Untitled (Duet on Four Frames) choreographed by Carlo Antonio Villanueva

In this piece for five dancers, Carlo Antonio Villanueva activates a rich postmodern dance landscape that engages various methods of form, improvisation, intuition, unison, chance and performance. Training for this work includes “Authentic Movement,” an approach that aims to bridge the conscious and the unconscious, as well as the study of scored improvisations, Cunningham-esque event structures and traditional movement phrase choreography.

200 phrasal verbs choreographed by Christina Robson

This work for five dancers focuses on contact. Robson’s process plunges into the mechanics of weight sharing, harnessing momentum and experiencing reconnection. This work prioritizes contact as a form of communication between individuals, prompting physical negotiations in process and performance.

Note: Tickets will be available one week before the first show.