Spring M.F.A. Dance Thesis Concert

Spring M.F.A. Dance Thesis Concert

March 11-13, 2022
Principal People: 

Rebecca Hill, choreographer

Tristan Koepke, choreographer

Event Attributes


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Lost Patterns by Rebecca Hill

Lost Patterns is a hybrid conglomeration of folk dance, story and song that is seated in the present while remaining tethered to the past. Driven by curiosity, ongoingness and experimentation in percussive and contemporary dance, Hill devises sonic landscapes that break the boundaries between music and dance. Bodies become instruments and intricate choreographies yield sound in a piece that highlights the value of community.

Finally, Fairies! by Tristan Koepke

Set in a transtemporal luxury plaza in which the past is full of optimism, Finally, Fairies! weaves through a maze of formalist dance compositions and improvised hauntological inquiries. In this devised work, Koepke makes use of custom built robotics technology and Vaporwave aesthetics that comment on today’s capitalist realism and popular culture. Five dancers and the specters that haunt them wander in and out of movement cul-de-sacs, longing for unrealized retrofuturities and creating intimacy with their inevitable entropy.