New Music at Maryland

New Music at Maryland

Monday, April 18, 2022 . 8PM
Photo by Treva Thrush.
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Please note: The livestream for this performance will only be available live. The stream will not be available to view afterwards.

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This concert of new music cultivates the talent of modern classical composers and inspires musicians and audience members alike. Featuring original compositions by School of Music student composers, new music concerts range from solo to chamber works and can even include electroacoustic performances.

The Clarice lobby concession bar Encore will not be open for food and beverage sales during this event.

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Patrons attending University of Maryland arts events are no longer required to show proof of vaccination or a negative COVID-19 test. We continue to encourage audiences to wear a mask and stay current with vaccinations and boosters. Please see our Health & Safety information page for information about what to expect during your visit.

Biaxalto (2022)
Cameron Wentz
Melissa Wertheimer, flute
Theme and Variations for Solo Cello (2022)
Sean Kim
Sean Kim, cello
The Infinity Cube (2021)
Aidan Wilbur
Lucas Howarth, flute
New Beginnings (2022)
Sean Kim
  1. Arrival
  2. Waltz
Leili Asanbek, piano
Contour (2021)
Dennis Erickson
Dennis Erickson, piano


Desire Paths: Chamber Symphony for Double Wind Quintet and Piano (2017)
William Kenlon
  1. Desire Paths
  2. Sirens on the Stern
  3. The Dream with the Magnolia Tree
  4. Wem das Schicksal schlägt
  5. Let Loose in Open Fields
IGNIS Quintet
Danielle Kim (fl/picc)
Nathaniel Wolff (ob/EH)
Christian Whitacre (bassoon)
Zachary Miller (horn)
Kyle Glasgow (cl)
Pressez Sextet
Matthew Ober (fl)
Stephanie Treat (ob)
Makayla Bowen-Longino (bassoon)
Ally Happ (horn)
Casey Schreck (cl)
Maggie Johns (piano)


Desire Paths
Born June 15, 1983, Pensacola, FL
A “desire path,” in urban planning and landscape architecture, is a foot-trail created by pedestrians or animals where approved thoroughfares have not been provided. I found the term fascinating when I first encountered it some years ago; it struck me as sounding oddly profound for such a commonplace thing, and it led me to wonder what other kinds of desire paths could exist. Could there be invisible desire paths not through fields of grass, but through non-physical spaces? Are we all creating desire paths in our lives whenever we make unexpected choices or otherwise defy the courses that seem to be set before us? In music, could a melody or other musical idea forge a desire path through a given sequence of impedances? Those questions are what I chose to explore in this work, which I completed as my doctoral dissertation in 2017.
Program note by William Kenlon