Tomeka Reid Stringtet

Tomeka Reid Stringtet (USA)

Friday, April 5, 2019 . 7 PM & 9 PM
Photo by Tony Smith
Principal People: 

Mazz Swift/Sarah Bernstein, violin
Melanie Dyer/Jason Hwang, viola
Chris Hoffman/Tomeka Reid, cello  
Tomas Fujiwara, drums
Adam Hopkins, bass

Cellist, composer, educator, and UMD School of Music alumna Tomeka Reid is described as "a remarkably versatile player" (Chicago Tribune) for her nimble improvisations with classical cello. Equally adept in classical and jazz contexts, Reid predominantly finds herself in experimental settings and composes for a wide range of instrumentation, from big band to chamber ensemble, that combines groove along with freer concepts. In this performance, Reid presents her Stringtet, combining seven string players with drums in a unique improvisatory ensemble.

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