Second Season

Second Season

Fuse by Suzanne Creedon and Hapa by Jenna Gerdsen
February 1 & 2, 2019

Event Attributes

Fuse is a dance work that dissects the juxtaposition of minimality and maximality.

“Sometimes I shut my eyes,
A room with walls fills the darkness. 
My current state decides the fate
Of the surroundings that besiege me.

In calmer times the walls are bare.
Nothing fills the space,
Nothing’s in the air.

But in polar moments of anger and stress,
The room is disgusting,
The room is a mess.

I haven’t found an in-between,
and I wonder what feeling would cause that scene.”


Pain and labor lie beneath the pleasurable, paradisiacal landscape of Hawaii. This new play weaves the author’s own upbringing in Hawaii with the island-state's imperialist history and tourist based economy.