Fall Forward 2019

Fall Forward 2019

Saturday, October 26, 2019 . 7:30PM
Photo by Shawn Short

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Fall Forward features a mixed-bill dance performance experience featuring dance works to the music of Earth, Wind & Fire, Gospel artists Richard Smallwood, Walter Hawkins, and Byron Cage, Phillip Glass, and new-age composer Brandt Frick. DDT presents dance favorites Silo, Twitch, and its crowd-pleasuring Gospel ballet, Gospel Suite.

New Works:

Paparazzi / Shawn Short, Choreographer

Motivated by the "in your face" mentality of paparazzi photographers to the stars, Paparazzi is inspired by the "in the moment" feelings presented when one is confronted by another human being. A quicky and sassy play on contemporary ballet, Paparazzi blends the sense of freedom while feeling on the watch of another. Music by Brandt Brauer.

Sj Suite / Shawn Short, Choreographer

A revivalist movement that aims to capture the essence of funk and soul music, the Sharon Jones Project embodies the vibrancy and "boogie-down" good time capsulated by artists of the mid-1960s to the mid-1970s. As jazz music is the marriage of classical music and the African-American experience, the Sharon Jones Project (SJP) explores the connectivity of Black-inspired social dance vernacular with contemporary dance. Examining the context of human interaction through nonverbal and social expression, SJP demonstrates what happens when "the groove" meets human emotion, diverse dancers, and choreography that's lit up like the "electric boogaloo".