René Marie

René Marie (USA)

Experiment In Truth
Thursday, March 29, 2018. 7 & 9 PM
René Marie image by John Abbott

Guided and tempered by powerful life lessons and rooted in jazz traditions laid down by Ella Fitzgerald, Dinah Washington and other leading ladies of past generations, GRAMMY-nominated René Marie borrows various elements of folk, R&B and even classical and country to create a captivating style uniquely her own. Several of her original pieces focus on social issues, like This Is Not A Protest Song, about homelessness, and Three Nooses Hanging, which delves into racial tension in Louisiana. Her body of work is a musical exploration of the bright and dark corners of the human experience, and an affirmation of the power of the human spirit.

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After Party

Join us after the 9 PM performance for an opportunity to meet the artists and mingle with your fellow guests, right here at MilkBoy ArtHouse!

Do Good By Doing

This season, many of The Clarice's artists are working to raise awareness of a multitude of pressing social issues, including the environment, human trafficking, race relations, homelessness and much more. We stand by their efforts and deeply believe in the power of the arts enact change.  

René Marie is involved with the National Coalition for the Homeless, and donates the proceeds of her song about homelessness, “This Is (Not) A Protest Song,” to the organization.

Her one-woman show Slut Energy Theory examines a woman's journey of encountering and overcoming the ravages of physical and sexual abuse.   At each performance, local survivors advocate organizations are featured in a  post-performance Q&A. For a local resource, visit Maryland Coalition Against Sexual Assault

Your curiosity is an indication of your concern and we appreciate your thoughtful consideration. We hope you may be moved to Do Good by Doing something, too.