Fall MFA Thesis Concert

Fall MFA Thesis Concert

October 12 - 14, 2018
Photo by Geoff Sheil
Principal People: 

Created by Stacey Carlson and Christine Hands

Event Attributes

MFA Dance candidates present thesis concerts of original, compelling works.

dwelling by Stacey Carlson

This multidisciplinary work explores the myriad subtleties of dwelling. What implicit meaning does the word suggest? Internal versus external, shadow against light, our perspective versus what we perceive. Spaces near and far, up and down, seen and unseen.

The choreography uniquely intertwines dance with puppetry, projections, aerial arts and other mysterious elements.


Hamlet by Christine Hands

If Shakespeare’s Hamlet had existed in a dystopian, futuristic world, would things have turned out differently? This work of highly physical dance theater, set against fresh sci-fi-inspired design, takes on the timeless tragedy. The emotionally evocative, soul-rending choreography explores the characters’ duplicity and basic truths about the human experience, while inviting the audience to come to their own conclusions.