600 Highwaymen

600 Highwaymen (USA) 

The Fever
April 4-7, 2018
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There will be no late seating for this event.  Audience members arriving after the performance has begun will not be admitted into the venue.

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1 hour and 15 minutes

This innovative and intimate new theatrical piece from artists Abigail Browde and Michael Silverstone tests the limits of individual and collective responsibility, and our willingness to be there for one another. Performed in complete collaboration with the audience, The Fever examines how we assemble, organize and care for the bodies around us. Who will you be when our eyes are on you? What will we see when we all look your way?

Browde and Silverstone have created seven original works since 2009, including Employee of the Year, which was presented at The Clarice in 2015 to rave audience reviews. 600 HIGHWAYMEN has received an Obie Award, a Bessie Nomination and Zurich’s ZKB Patronage Prize.

“A lovely, haunting meditation on human connection, and disconnection.” – The New York Times

The Fever with 600 Highwaymen



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Do Good By Doing

This season, many of The Clarice's artists are working to raise awareness of a multitude of pressing social issues, including the environment, human trafficking, race relations, homelessness and much more. We stand by their efforts and deeply believe in the power of the arts enact change.

600 HIGHWAYMEN greatly admires the work of the People's Institute for Survival & Beyond. The organization's impactful, nationwide “Undoing Racism” workshops are aligned with thematic elements of The Fever.

Undoing Racism® Community Organizing Workshop

Your curiosity is an indication of your concern and we appreciate your thoughtful consideration. We hope you may be moved to Do Good by Doing something, too.