600 Highway Men: Employee of the Year

600 Highwaymen

Employee of the Year
October 9 & 10, 2015 . 8PM
600 Highwaymen photo by Maria Baranova

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Not suitable for children under age 11.
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A child’s house burns down, leaving everyone and everything she has behind. From this moment, a singular journey begins. 600 Highwaymen’s Employee of the Year brings together five young girls in an attempt to probe what it means to grow up and ask how people become who they are. What do we lose and what do we search for?

Combining an arresting theatrical style with original songs by Obie Award-winner David Cale, this work intimately investigates the process of transformation over the course of lifetime, acted with the innocence and knowing of young girls who are not ashamed by feelings and therefore make us less ashamed of our own.

Engagement events

Engagement at The Clarice is characterized by facilitated audience interactions with artists, scholars and community leaders that are focused on process and research rather than product and performance:

  • Founding directors of 600 HIGHWAYMEN Abigail Browde and Michael Silverstone taught in Prof. Leigh Smiley’s voice class and Prof. Jennifer Barclay’s playwriting class — which were joined for this interaction — and taught in Barclay’s acting class the following day.
  • Coming up on Saturday morning (October 10), from 11AM to 1PM, Obie-winning writer-performer David Cale will read some new works,discuss how he writes and develops shows, and lead a short workshop writing exercise culminating in a class reading.

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