Music in Mind: The Boston Trio

Music in Mind: The Boston Trio

Tuesday, September 26, 2017. 8PM
Boston Trio
Principal People: 

Irina Muresanu, violin

Jonah Ellsworth, cello

Heng-Jin Park, piano

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2 hours with one intermission

In their UMD debut, The Boston Trio presents works that invoke the spirit of colors. Jennifer Higdon’s Piano Trio movements entitled "Pale Yellow" and "Fiery Red" underscore that colors, like music, reflect moods and energy levels.  In her spectacular arrangement of Debussy's La Mer, Sally Beamish blends orchestral colors for the piano trio palette, creating – in the composer's own words – “light and shade, and subtleties of color."  Antonin Dvořák's richly saturated melodies in the dark key of F minor evoke velvety hues of blue and purple.


Jennifer Higdon: Piano Trio

Debussy/Sally Beamish, arr.: La Mer

Antonin Dvořák:  Piano Trio in F Minor, Op. 65