Maryland Minza

Maryland Minza

Saturday, November 4, 2017 . 6 PM
Image by Naina Thangada and Lasya Komaragiri

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Maryland Minza is a national intercollegiate dance competition created to foster cultural awareness and passion for dancing. South-Asian fusion dance is composed of various styles of dance from different areas internationally. Teams have the freedom to choose which styles they would like to include in their routine, as well as how they would like to represent a chosen theme, generally characterized by a story told through dance. Maryland Minza is a first year South-Asian fusion dance competition at the University of Maryland, College Park.

Fusion dance is a type of dance which encompasses all different styles ranging from Indian Classical known as Bharatanatyam and Indian folk known as Garba/Raas and Bhangra to Hip-Hop, Contemporary, and West-African. This competition will allow the University of Maryland community to see a different side of the Indian community at Maryland which also embodies aspects of other cultures. Interestingly enough, not all fusion teams are entirely comprised of people of South-Asian descent. This program will open the eyes of many individuals who were given the ability to become more invested in an art form from a culture that isn't necessarily theirs.

As we host this competition here at the University of Maryland, we want to express gratitude to the South-Asian fusion dance circuit, including all of the university teams and independent teams that take part, for how accepting they have been.