James Allister Sprang

James Allister Sprang (USA)

GAZR: Life Does Not Live
Saturday, September 16, 2017 . 8 PM

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This theatrical and musical performance asks what role technology plays in the appropriation, amplification or suppression of others’voices. Alone in his bedroom, GAZR the rapper, a persona of poet and performance artist James Allister Sprang, invites the audience to help him records a mixtape on his computer. With his screen projected for the audience, he explores Google, YouTube and other familiar digital spaces, pulling the audience into his imagination, allowing laughter and empathy to open up conversations about race, technology and the appropriation of voices.

James Allister Sprang is multi-disciplinary artist that thrives on the inner workings of language, making work that is a part of life as much as it is representational of it. Sprang has been featured in two HBO documentaries about the growth of young artists and has performed in venues such as the Apollo Theater, The Performing Garage, BHQFU, The Chicago Museum of Contemporary Art, The Miami Art Museum, and The Gusman Theater of Miami.