Irmgard Bartenieff: a Symposium

Irmgard Bartenieff: a Symposium

Friday, November 10th, 2017 . 9 AM
Photo by Susan Wiesner

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This performance will last approximately 9 hours.
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The multi-talented Irmgard Bartenieff was a German-born dancer, choreographer, teacher, Labanotator, dance therapist, physical therapist, dance historian, dance ethnographer and activist.

Of her work, cultural Anthropologist Margaret Mead once said it “is of the very greatest importance in research on mother-infant relationships, the social behavior of primitive people, choreometric styles around the world, work with psychiatric patients, and studies of animal behavior.”

Join us for a free one-day symposium to celebrate Bartenieff, and honor Professor Karen Bradley and her work promoting Laban/Bartenieff Movement Analysis at the University of Maryland and LIMS.

MSPAL's collection includes 70 boxes of Bartenieff’s personal and professional papers. Highlights of these are on display in the MSPAL gallery, along with interactive exhibits that explore theories she taught and used in her research. Come and step into an icosahedron, play with a Kinect, and see the historic materials representing this Renaissance woman.

Join us for a one-day symposium as we celebrate the founder of the Laban/Bartenieff Institute of Movement Studies (LIMS), Irmgard Bartenieff. Learn about Bartenieff's path through her professional life in an interactive exhibit ‘Irmgard Bartenieff: a Personal Journey through Dance’. Come in and explore the exhibition, step into an icosahedron, play with a Kinect, and see the historic materials on display. The exhibit is up for a year, the symposium is free, but registration is required.