Taylor Mac: The 20th Century Concert: Abridged

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Taylor Mac

The 20th Century Concert: Abridged
April 11 & 12, 2015 . 8PM
Taylor Mac
Taylor Mac photo by Ves Pitts

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1 hour and 45 minutes
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An internationally acclaimed singer/theatre artist, Taylor Mac brings radical fairy sacrament realness to this concert of popular music classics. Expect at least one song from each decade of the 20th century to act as a springboard for frivolity, oblation and rapture. This 20th Century Concert is the abridged version of Taylor Mac’s community-building odyssey A 24-Hour History of Popular Music.

We welcome you to participate in this event. You won’t be forced, but often invited. Sing, play parts, dance, eat, meditate, exercise, sleep, flirt, and on and on, all while listening to how mythology meets melody.

Review by Metro Weekly

The New York-based artist, who performs in gender-ambiguous conceptual drag, calls it a “performance art concert [presenting] my subjective history of popular music…. Sometimes they’re songs that nobody’s heard of, or that weren’t that popular from their decade but were popular in a small community.”

— DOUG RULEMEtro Weekly, April 2, 2015