Second Season: More than 90 Miles from home and Snake Telegram

Second Season: More than 90 Miles from home and Snake Telegram

November 20-22, 2015

Event Attributes

Estimated Length: 
1 hour and 45 minutes including intermission
More than 90 Miles from home

by Colette Krogol

More than 90 Miles from home explores Colette Krogol's Cuban-American identity and the oral stories told to her throughout her life by her maternal Cuban family. Through movement, poetry and film, Colette attempts to piece together reality and dream by coming to terms with the truth that the Cuba she knows from her families stories exists vividly but solely in her mind. She can deeply hear, taste, feel, smell, and be with her Cuba but only for as long as each story goes. This work weaves together personal moments of history, loss, mystery, anger, joy and family while reorienting the viewer's cinematic experience by encouraging them to investigate their surroundings and take on new perspectives.

"To me it isn't just 90 miles when you can never go back home." - Mom

Snake Telegram

by Sarah Beth Oppenheim

Oppenheim performs a soft and vicious solo evening which unravels from maneuvered folds into an operetta of savage and coarse dimensions. It is both mystery and surprise that arcs from coil to cry as its plucked and tarnished movements dance to cool, cool jazz.