The Left Bank Quartet

The Left Bank Quartet

Left Bank Mit Schlag
Saturday, May 3, 2014 . 8PM
The Left Bank Quartet
The Left Bank Quartet
Principal People: 

Violins David Salness and Sally McLain

Viola Katherine Murdock

Cello Evelyn Elsing

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Vienna’s incomparable musical legacy rests largely on the shoulders of two giants: Haydn, represented here by his glorious “Emperor” Quartet from his last cycle, and Beethoven, whose monumental late-period Op. 131 quartet was his self-acknowledged favorite.

Some 80 years after Beethoven and reputedly inspired by his late quartets, Webern (a pillar of the Second Viennese School) created the wondrously spare Six Bagatelles, still breath-taking today, a century after their inception.