Delores Ziegler: One Leg at a Time

Distinguished Scholar Teacher Recital

One Leg at a Time: How the Trouser Role Became an Integral Item in the Mezzo-Soprano’s Wardrobe
Monday, October 15, 2012 . 4PM
Delores Ziegler
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Mezzo-soprano Delores Ziegler

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When they aren’t singing the roles of villains, wise women and seductresses, mezzo-sopranos take on a different character: young men. In this Distinguished Scholar Teacher Recital, faculty artist Delores Ziegler discusses the evolution of this curious operatic convention.

Along with students and faculty, she will demonstrate the various styles of “pants roles.”

This performance is in celebration of Ziegler’s Distinguished Scholar Teacher Award, which honors senior faculty who personify the University of Maryland’s image of the professorate through combined excellence in teaching and outstanding scholarly accomplishment.