How all women act? #yesallwomen

Pre-performance Conversation:
How all women act? #yesallwomen

Monday, November 24, 2014 . 6:30PM

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The title of Mozart’s opera Così fan tutte (“How all women act”) has an eerie resonance in today’s online attacks on women and the ensuing hashtag opposition campaign. Is the opera a man’s indictment of women’s weakness? Or does Mozart use the comedy to strike a blow for gender equality?

Join School of Music professors Nick Olcott and Delores Ziegler along with Dr. JV Sapinoso from the UMD Department of Women’s Studies for a lively discussion about the portrayal of male/female relations on the 18th-century stage and Mozart’s unique take on them, as well as the question/test of fidelity and its links to reproductive freedoms.