Looking Back at 2012

2012 is winding down. Here are some thoughts from Center staff on what their highlights were from the past year.

JANE HIRSHBERG, Clarice Smith Center

Art of Adaptation

Julia Rhoads photo by Holly DeGarmo Photography

The Creative Dialogue entitled 'The Art of Adaptation' featured a choreographer, a poet, and two playwrights. The conversation was rich, edgy, informative and really fun. Not a single person left the room during the discussion.

The moderator, Kojo Nnamdi, wrote a note after it was over stating, 'This may have been the most Creative Dialogue yet. Your engagement with one another served both to engage the young audience and to make my job easy.'

JANE HIRSHBERG, Community Engagement Manager, Clarice Smith Performing Arts Center


UMD Chamber Choir

Photo by Alison Harbaugh

"I really enjoyed the Festive Baroque concert on December 9th. For me, this concert epitomized the best type of work we do here in the School and the Center where students and faculty work side-by-side to bring about a world-class performance.

RICHARD SCERBO, Assistant Director of Artistic Planning and Operations, UMD School of Music

JEN DASHER, Clarice Smith Center

A Midsummer Night's Dream costumes

Costume design by Laree Ashley Lentz

A Midsummer Night’s Dream presented many challenges and opportunities for production. We had the chance to explore new technologies and experience a new level of collaboration across two very different cultures. The success of this project can’t only be measured in an exciting performance but in the friendships we made through this extraordinary journey.

JEN DASHER, Costume Shop Manager, Clarice Smith Performing Arts Center


What did you enjoy at the Center in 2012?

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