Kay Theatre: Technical Specifications

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  • Ground plan drawing:
    PDF | VWX
  • Cross sectional drawing: VWX
  • Current line set schedule: XLS


  • Rep light plot: PDF

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Item Measurement


Width (adjustable proscenium side flats) 32'5" minimum;
39'5" maximum
Height (adjustable Grand Teaser) 23'6" typical;
18'9" minimum;
27'0" maximum


Height above audience level 3'
Depth from apron to back wall 40'9"
Plaster line to back wall 37'9"
Apron edge to plaster line 3'
Usable stage space (without pit extension) 1525 sq ft
Stage capacity 101 people

Stage floor

Floor surface is black masonite, double-sprung. Marley flooring is available, from curtain line to cyc.

Total available width 47'8"
Total available depth 32'


Stage Right proscenium to Stage Right side wall 35'1"
Stage Left proscenium to Stage Left fly rail 16'6"
Total stage width, wing to wing 99'


Batten length 52'
Height from deck 62'3"
Ceiling height from deck 73'3"

Orchestra Pit

Equipped with one fixed-speed hydraulic orchestra lift; functional at stage, house and pit levels. Consult with your Production Coordinator to determine available options.

Stage area expansion, with lift at stage position 11'10"
Below stage level (stage position) 0'
Below stage level (house position) 3'
Below stage level (pit position) 7'1"
Usable depth of large pit performance area, with lift at pit position 14'0" at CL


Stage-level crossover hallway through doors UL and UR.

Usable width 46"
Length 78'2"


Apron to booth 54'
Apron to mix position 40'
Apron to balcony rail 42'
First row to apron if full pit is used for seating (Row A) 3'10" at CL
First row to apron if pit lift is down or killed (Row C) 10'6" at CL
First row to apron if pit is not used for seating (Row E) 16'9" at CL


Storage and projector space located far upstage.

Height from stage 10'
Height to grid 18'7"
Total depth 7'
Usable depth 5'



  • Ground plan drawing: PDF | VWX
  • Lighting Inventory: PDF
  • Cross sectional drawing: VWX
  • Current line set schedule: XLS

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Soft goods

Unit Type Quantity Height Width


20 30' 13'


10 10' 62'
  2 14' 62'

Scrims & Cycs

Black Scrim 1 32' 54'
White Scrim 1 32' 54'
Seamless White Muslin 1 32' 54'
Bounce Drop 1 32' 52'

Blank Panels

Back Black 2 30' 30'
50% fullness with backing 2 28' 24'


Side Masking

10 34' 9'



  • The Kay Theatre includes a permanently hung traveler that can open and close horizontally or vertically (guillotine curtain).

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Basic announcements and playback can be run from the stage manager’s panel backstage right. Live sound for the Kay Theatre can be run from a mix position behind row K in the house (approximately 40’ from stage) or from the Tech Booth. Mixing console, microphones, portable speakers, and other audio inventory is shared throughout the Center and is dependent on availability.


There is a 4 channel clear-com headset system with panels distributed through the space. Wired clear-com outlets are located onstage (UL, UR, DL, DR), mix position, tech booth, and green room. Four wireless clear-com packs are also available in the Kay Theatre.

Front of House

Proscenium Tower Speakers

  • Left: 2 EAW FL103
  • Right: 2 EAW FL103

Center Cluster System Speakers

  • Front SL House: EAW AS300
  • Front SL Front Fill: EAW AS300e
  • Front SR House: EAW AS300e
  • Front SR Front Fill: EAW AS300e
  • Front Sub House: EAW SB180
  • Front Sub Front Fill: EAW SB180
  • SL Balcony: EAW AS300e
  • SR Balcony: EAW AS300e

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House & Work Lights are controllable via Strand Premiere House Lighting System, located at the stage manager panel backstage right.

Available equipment

Control & Dimmers

  • ETC GIO lighting console
  • Strand CD-80 SV modular dimmer rack system

Lighting Equipment

  • Source 4 Ellipsoidal (750 W)
    • 5 Degree
    • 10 Degree
    • 19 Degree
    • 26 Degree
    • 36 Degree
    • 50 Degree
  • Automated Fixtures
    • VL 1000 TS
    • VLX Wash
    • Color Kinetics Colorblaze TRX 6' LED Strips
  • Source 4 Pars (575 W)
  • Strand Fresnelite (2 kW)
  • Lycian Xenon 1290 XLT Followspot (2kW) - 2 available


  • This inventory includes all of the equipment that is displayed on the rep plot.
  • All booms longer than 16’-0” are required to be tied off to the grid. Exact placement must be determined prior to light hang. Other booms may be tied off at the discretion of the Master Electrician. Other size pipes may be available. Please consult with your Production Coordinator.
  • Light Ladders are only capable of having six (6) units per ladder due to weight restrictions on the arbor.
  • Standard accessories are available for equipment. Barn doors for 8” Fresnels are 36” side-to-side when fully open and will not open past 180 degrees. Units should be spaced accordingly.
  • There is no template stock available.


  • Rep light plot: PDF
  • Channel Hookup: PDF
  • Paperwork available upon request.

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There is no permanently installed projector equipment in the Kay Theatre. Video and projection equipment is shared with other spaces throughout the Center and is department on availability.

The standard projection option utilizes the rear-projection screen, hung mid-stage as part of the rep line set schedule. The projector is located in the gallery far upstage.

Please consult with your Production Coordinator to determine available options.

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Dressing rooms and green room

The Green Room, Dressing Rooms and restrooms are shared by the Kay Theatre and Kogod Theatre.

  • Four (4) soloist Dressing Rooms are each equipped with 4 makeup stations, a sink and a shower.
  • Two (2) chorus Dressing Rooms are each equipped with 15 makeup stations, ironing board, sinks and space for 20
  • One (1) Green Room (250 ft2) is located adjacent to the dressing room area. It includes a sink, refrigerator and several sofas and chairs.


Men’s and Women’s restrooms are adjacent to each respective chorus dressing room and are equipped with shower facilities. Though not accessible by the audience, the restrooms are for general use and are located in a classroom hallway.

Internet access

Guest access to the UMD wireless network is available. Wireless access requires an authentication for each device connecting to the internet, available by speaking with your Production Coordinator.

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