Dekelboum Concert Hall: Technical Specifications

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Stage floor is sprung soft pine stained with a pale seal. Four tiers of permanently installed risers arc around the upstage wall -- the bottom two tiers of risers are retractable into the upstage tiers.

Item Measurement


Width (door to door) at downstage Stage Left and Stage Right doors 76'
Width (working maximum) at extreme down stage 63'8"
Width from riser to riser (expanded configuration) 33'
Width from riser to riser (collapsed configuration) 51'


Depth (on center line) from downstage lip to rear wall 44'
Depth (on center line) from downstage lip to first expanded riser 21'5"
Depth (on center line) from downstage lip to first collapsed riser 30'6"


Height of stage from house floor 3'
Height of 1st row of risers (downstage) (retractable) 7"
Height of 2nd row of risers (retractable) 16"
Height of 3rd row of risers 24"
Height of 4th row of risers (upstage) 36"
Height from upstage riser to choir loft rail 11'4"
Grid height from stage floor 56'10"
Ceiling height from stage floor 88'

Clearance dimensions

Clearance dimensions of main double-doors, downstage left 7'10" width,
8'5" height
Clearance dimensions of main double-doors, downstage right 7'11" width,
9'11" height
(8'11" usable clearance height)
Clearance dimensions of stage entrance upstage left & upstage right 3'8" width,
6'10" height
Clearance dimensions of upstage center door 6'7" width,
6'9" height
Mechanical instrument lift (located on center behind US wall) 6'0" wide x
9'4" long
Maximum load 5,000 lbs


Total usable space 2,400 sq ft
Total stage capacity 160 people
Total choir loft capacity 126 people



  • Ground plan, stage only: JPG

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Basic announcements and playback can be run from the stage manager’s panel backstage right. Live sound for the concert hall is generally run from the Tech Row, approximately 61' from the stage. Mixing console, equipment rack, effects processor, microphones, portable speakers and other audio inventory is shared throughout the Center, and is dependent on availability.

Acoustic design

Dekelboum Concert Hall is a very "live" room, uniquely designed for live acoustic music. The hall is equipped with 24 acoustic curtains that can be electronically adjusted to "tune" the room, based on the size and nature of the ensemble and nature of the performance.


There is a 4 channel clear-com headset system with panels distributed through the space. The main outlets are back stage right, back stage left, Tech Row and the follow spot positions.

Infared system

This system distributes two audio feeds via the infared emitter panels located in the Concert Hall. Guests needing hearing assistance may check out infared receiving headsets from the Guest Experience department prior to a performance. This system usually uses the house audio feed as the audio source. However, it is possible to use this technology for the purposes of translation, etc.


  • 2 Crown ComTech 1610 Amplifiers (main cluster) 535W per channel at 8 Ω
  • 5 Crown ComTech 810 Amplifiers (main cluster) 300W per channel at 8 Ω
  • 2 Crown ComTech 210 Amplifiers (under balcony) 110W per channel at 8 Ω
  • 2 Crown ComTech 210 Amplifiers (patchable for monitor/effects speakers) 110W per channel at 8 Ω
  • 1 Crown ComTech 410 Amplifier (patchable for monitor/effects speakers) -- 220 W per channel at 8 Ω

Speaker: Center Cluster

  • 3 EAW KF 650EP 3-way full-range speaker -- 1000W/400W bi-amplified
  • 2 EAW KF 300EP 3-way full-range speaker (down fill) -- 600W/300W bi-amplified
  • 2 EAW JF 260EP 2-way full-range speaker (choir balcony) -- 500W/ 8 Ω

Under Balcony Fill

  • 8 Electro Voice S40t Compact Full Range Speakers -- 70V system

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Lighting in the Dekelboum Concert Hall is white concert lighting. The plot is hung in rep and cannot be altered. There are specials for a conductor, soloist and a speaker at a lectern. The hall also has a standard no-color, even concert wash that is set for orchestral performances, made up of a front light wash and a top light wash.

While there are blackout shades on all exterior windows, complete blackout in midday is not possible.

There is a Stage Manager Panel Back Stage Right with monitors that allows visibility of the stage.

House lights and stage lights are controllable via the Strand Premiere House Lighting System located Back Stage Right. There is no dedicated lighting console in this venue. Consoles are shared throughout the Center and are dependent on availability.

Available equipment

Unit Type Quantity


Strand CD-80 SV modular dimmer rack system
  2.4 kW dimmer 108

Company Switches

200 Amp 3 Phase 6 wire Disconnect with Posilock and buss bars connections  
200 Amp 3 Phase 6 wire Disconnect with Posilock connections
This switch also has an isolated ground for sound

Lighting Equipment

Source 4 Ellipsoidal (750 W)
All ellipsoidals have top hats available
  5 Degree 15
  10 Degree 15
  19 Degree 6
Source 4 Pars (575 W)
All pars have complete lens kits available    
Lycian Superarc 1267 HTI Long Throw Followspot (400w) 2

Stage Power

AC power outlets available onstage
Onstage power is linked to one circuit, dimmable upon request
Isolated ground circuits, backstage 13



  • There is no additional inventory available for this space.
  • There are 6 specials on 3 circuits that can be refocused if needed.
  • Refocusing or rehanging of the light plot requires approval of the Technology Shop Manager. Please contact your Production Coordinator with any questions.


  • Rep light plot: PDF
  • Channel Hookup: PDF
  • Lighting Inventory: PDF
  • Paperwork available upon request.

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There is no permanently installed projection equipment in the Dekelboum Concert Hall. Video and projection equipment is shared with other spaces throughout the Center and is dependent on availability.

General projection option

  • 10' x 14' rear-projection screen, dead hung from the first catwalk above the stage
  • Trim height of screen: 14' above stage floor
  • Projector position to screen: 18'
  • Depth from downstage edge to screen position: 32'
  • First row of balcony to screen: 95'
  • Rear row of balcony to screen: 120'
  • Control is available from back stage right, or a balcony box located above stage right.
  • Seating in the choir loft and above-stage balcony boxes are not permitted in this setup.

Please consult with your Production Coordinator to determine available options.

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Dressing rooms and green room

The Green Room, Dressing Rooms and restrooms are shared by the Dekelboum Concert Hall and the Gildenhorn Recital Hall.

  • Five (5) soloist Dressing Rooms are each equipped with 2 dressing spaces, a sink and a shower.
  • One (1) Green Room (17' x 17') is located adjacent to the dressing room area. It includes a sink, refrigerator and upright piano. Rehearsals and performances on the Concert Hall stage can be viewed on the closed circuit television monitor in the Green Room.


Restrooms are located adjacent to the dressing room area. Though not accessible by the audience, the restrooms are for general use and are located in a classroom hallway.

Internet access

Guest access to the UMD wireless network is available. Wireless access requires an authentication for each device connecting to the internet, available by speaking with your Production Coordinator.

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