Dance Theatre: Technical Specifications

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  • Ground plan and sectional drawing: PDF | VWX
  • Rep lineset schedule: XLS


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Venue floor is sprung soft pale pine, with Marley flooring laid in the performance area. Bleachers can be retracted to create a rehearsal area.

Stage/studio has a mirrored wall that can be curtained for stage presentation.

There are windows behind and above the seating area that let in natural light during the day. Blackout curtains cannot provide a true blackout during full sun.

Item Measurement
Total Marley width 43'
Total Marley depth 31'9"
DS Marley edge to US Traveler 28'
DS Marley edge to  32'6"
DS Marley edge to rear wall 34'6"
Rear wall to  2'
SR Marley edge to Wall (there is no usable wing space SR) 8'
SL Marley Edge to Wall (there is limited wing space SL) 8' to 17'9"
Floor to Grid (lowest point farthest upstage) 17'5"
Floor to Grid (highest point farthest downstage) 18'3.5"
Crossover hallway 48'
Total usable dance area 1,300 sq ft
Stage capacity 86 people



  • Ground plan and sectional drawing: PDF
  • Rep lineset schedule: XLS

Soft goods

The Dance Theatre has no fly loft. Due to grid height restrictions, full drops must be west-coasted to fully fly out. Drapery is on dedicated tracks and cannot move. Any adjustment to soft goods from Rep must be approved by The Clarice Technical Director.


Console and microphones inventory is shared with other spaces throughout the Center and is dependent on availability. Sound can be operated from the tech booth or from the last row of the house.


There is a 4 channel clear-com headset system with panels distributed throughout the space. The main outlets are located stage right, stage left, the rear of the house and the tech booth. A 4-unit wireless headset system may be available, depending on availability.


  • 1 Crown ComTech 410 Amplifier (main cluster): 220W per channel at 8 Ω
  • 1 Crown ComTech 810 Amplifier (main cluster): 300W per channel at 8 Ω
  • 1 Crown ComTech 810 Amplifier (stage Monitor):300W per channel at 8 Ω


  • 2 EAW JF-100E 2-way Full-range speakers: 280W/8 Ω
  • 2 EAW SB-180 Subwoofers: 1000W/8 Ω
  • 4 EAW SM-122E 2-way stage monitors, flown


The Dance Theatre is equipped with an ETC GIO lighting console and has a standard repertory lighting plot. 


  • Boom Pipes are in fixed positions at four per side. 
  • There is no template stock available.
  • Catwalk access in the Dance Theatre poses significant obstructions to lighting shots; please check theatre section carefully.


  • Rep plot: PDF
  • Paperwork available upon request.


There is no permanently installed projector equipment in the Dance Theatre. Video and projection equipment is shared with other spaces throughout the Center and is dependent on availability. Rear-projection is not possible.