Group Sales

Interested in Group Sales? It’s easy!

Fill out the Group Order Interest Form or contact the Group Sales Coordinator at or 301.405.7236 to get started.

UMD Student Groups

Bringing your class, club, team, or other student group to a Clarice performance? Reserve free student tickets as a group to get seats together. UMD Faculty/Staff get complimentary tickets when bringing student groups to performances.

Non-UMD Student Groups

All youth and student tickets are just $10! Special discounts are available for some performances for teachers, parents, and chaperones bringing groups of 10+ students. Entourage booking is available.

Community Groups

Groups of 10+ get $5 off each regular priced ticket (prices range from $20-$40), plus booking fees are waived. Entourage booking is available.

Group Sales FAQ

Is a deposit required to make a group reservation? 

Nope. You can reach out to our Group Sales Coordinator to make a ticket reservation even if you’re not ready to finalize the order. 

When is payment due?

Ticket numbers must be finalized by one week before the performance, and payment is due at that time.

What is entourage booking?

Take the money wrangling out of your next group booking experience! If you are planning on bringing a group of 10 or more to a performance, the Group Sales Coordinator can set you up with a unique promo code just for your group. The promo code will give your group members access to the $5 off group discount and waive booking fees. Coming to an event with reserved seating? Reserve a block of seats for your group, and the promo code will unlock your reserved section.