Guest Experience and Ticketing Policies


The capacity for each venue will be strictly enforced by The Clarice Staff.

Ticket Sales

Ticket sales and promotion of an event cannot begin without a fully executed License Agreement, which includes, completed Ticketing Information, Proof of Insurance, Deposit and a copy of 501(c)3 certificate where applicable. Ticketing decisions must be approved by the event’s Guest Experience Coordinator no later than six (6) weeks prior to the event.

Ticketing Services

The Clarice Ticket Office manages and approves all ticketing operations for Licensee.

  • All guests must have tickets: For ticketed events, every guest, regardless of age or affiliation with the Licensee, must have a ticket.
  • Tickets: The Clarice only honors tickets issued by The Clarice Ticket Office. Any other form of admittance is considered null and void.
  • Available capacity: The ticket office shall not distribute more tickets than the seating capacity of the event, which may be lower than the full, stated capacity of the venue. Prior to the contract signing, the Guest Experience Coordinator may grant an exception for a free-but-ticketed performance only, allowing 15% more tickets to be issued.
  • Reservations through The Clarice ticket office only: The Clarice ticket office is solely responsible for all ticket orders, including in-person, phone, and web reservations. You must direct your guests to the Clarice ticket office to reserve their tickets.
  • Persons with disabilities: In accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act, The Clarice holds some tickets for use by persons who use wheelchairs and their companions. These seats may not be used for any other purpose unless all other tickets have been issued. At that time, these seats may become available to others at the sole discretion of the Guest Experience Coordinator.
  • Will Call (On-Site Ticket Distribution): To reduce guest confusion, The Clarice ticket office is solely responsible for all on-site ticket distributions. The Ticket Office may provide tickets and Will Call envelopes for the Licensee to prepare tickets for distribution.
  • Off-site distribution: If the Guest Experience Coordinator approves off-site distributions, Licensee must retrieve tickets in person from The Clarice ticket office. Any discrepancies must be resolved at the time the tickets are picked up.
  • Free tickets for free events: For free events, you may not charge a price for tickets or request a suggested donation in exchange for tickets.
  • Booking fees: The Clarice charges a $4/ticket booking fee to guests for all tickets sold online and by phone. (This fee is waived for complimentary tickets.) No exceptions.

Sale of Merchandise

Souvenir programs, recordings, and other merchandise related to the Licensee and/or Event may be sold at the Performance Location, with prior written approval of The Clarice.


Licensee shall not request or accept donations in or about the premises at any time without the prior express written consent of The Clarice. Donations may only occur on site at The Clarice and may not be through another service, either on line or elsewhere. Donations may only be collected with an enclosed container that has a lid. The Clarice has the right to not permit donations should the container not meet the standard. These restrictions are designed to maintain security and safety for the event staff and attendees. The Clarice is not responsible for the security of the donation container and the Licensee may contract University of Maryland Police Department to provide security services.

Raffles and Benefit Events

Prince George’s County – and any other applicable jurisdiction – must preapprove any raffle or benefit event and you must be able to present the applicable certifications to The Clarice.

For more information, please see the website of the Maryland Office of the Secretary of State.

Ticketing Violations

The Clarice Ticketing Office is responsible for the distribution and ticketing of all events. If the Licensee is found to be selling or distributing tickets to their event outside of The Clarice Ticketing Office, the event is subject to cancellation. You may be subject to further fines such as a ticketing fee for each ticket sold outside of The Clarice or overage fee for tickets sold exceeding the capacity of the designated venue.