Parking Automated Phone System

Cell Phone

Between 7AM and 2AM, you must pay for your parking space when you park, either with the automated phone system or a pay station.

You are required to use a cell phone when paying with the automated phone system.

Setup an account

To expedite the payment process, you should setup a parking account now, before you park in the garage.

Please call 888.580.PARK (7275) and follow the automated menu options:

  1. Press *, the prompt to select another account.
  2. Press * again, the prompt for first-time users.
  3. Select the appropriate option:
    • 1 — Pay for Parking: Use this option to setup your account.
    • 2 — Terms and Conditions
    • 3 — Meter Problems
    • 4 — Other Parking Inquiries
  4. Enter your 10-digit cell phone number.
  5. Input a secret PIN.
  6. Enter your American Express, Visa or MasterCard number.
  7. Enter your credit card's two-digit expiry month.
  8. Enter your credit card's two-digit expiry year.
  9. You may hang up now. If you've already parked in the garage, you may pay for parking:
    • 1 — Begin Parking
    • 2 — Extending Existing Parking

Pay for parking

Note: If you plan to leave the garage and return later, you must use the automated phone system multiple times, paying for your particular parking space each time.

Please call 888.580.PARK (7275) to pay for your space. Please follow the automated menu options:

  1. Identify yourself:
    • Enter your secret PIN.
    • Enter the last four digits of your credit card number.
    • Press * and wait for the prompt to enter your 10-digit mobile phone number.
  2. Select your parking status:
    • 1 — Begin parking
    • 2 — Extend existing parking
  3. Enter your parking space number.
  4. Enter the number of minutes you plan to leave your car in this space.
  5. Continue following the automated menu instructions.

Additional parking information

  • Subject to change: Parking is managed by UMD Department of Transportation. All information we post is subject to change without notice.
  • Accessible Parking: Accessible parking spaces are located in Stadium Drive Garage. However, because the spaces have no time limits, they still require payment to park and time is not doubled.
  • Violations: Parking violations begin at $25. Parking officials are equipped with electronic devices that indicate if a parking space has been properly paid for or not.
  • Further Assistance: Please contact our ticket office if you need further assistance: 301.405.ARTS (2787).