Inclement weather: What to expect from us

The weather may not be predictable, but with us, you can buy with confidence. Here’s how we handle inclement weather:

Consider your safety

Your safety is our number one priority. If you feel uncomfortable traveling to the Center, please contact us before the event begins to exchange or return your tickets.

Please provide the following information when you contact us:

  • The name of the person who purchased the tickets
  • The order number (if known)
  • Your preference of exchanging or returning your tickets or a return. If an exchange, please indicate the event you would like to attend.

Check event status online or by phone

The best way to determine an event status is to check our website or automated phone system: 301.405.ARTS (2787).

If the weather is questionable, we will announce the status of the event as soon as it is decided.

If the event will occur

If we haven’t made an announcement, you can assume the performance is still occurring but we encourage you to check back later for any updates.

If the event is cancelled/postponed

We will post cancellations and postponements to the following places, in the following order:

  1. Twitter
  2. Facebook
  3. Event webpage
  4. Our homepage
  5. Automated phone system: 301.405.ARTS (2787)

When possible, we will call or email you about cancellations/postponements to ticketed events

Assuming we can make it to our offices and access our ticketing system, we will attempt to contact you by phone or email if your ticketed performance is cancelled. We are unable to provide this service for non-ticketed events.

We encourage you to check the event status online or by phone because we may not be able to contact you.


If you already receive our weekly emails, then you will receive our email announcements.

If not, please do the following:

  1. Join our email list. (Scroll to bottom of this page and input your email address.)
  2. Ask us by email or phone (301.405.2787) to connect your email address to your ticketing account. Please provide your customer number (if known), name and email address.


If we have your phone number in our ticketing system, we will attempt to call you.

If you would like to add your phone number (or check to see if it’s already there), please email or call us (301.405.2787) with your customer number (if known), name and telephone number.