The Muses Full Length Production

The Muses Full Length Production

Sunday, May 5, 2024 • 3PM

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“The Muses” is a theatre group dedicated to empowering women and those who identify as such through the arts. With movements such as “Me Too” and “Times Up”, women and their involvement in artistic activism are more important than ever before. Our mission is to create a diverse and honest image of womanhood, from social experiences to political change, while giving a platform to those who are willing to create a difference in our theatre department as well as the University of Maryland’s campus, telling the stories of those who have become voiceless or felt unheard. We aim to create important conversations on our campus and in our community, as well as promote and help the betterment of womankind. Our group aims to produce an established, professional work written by a female playwright that includes either a female lead, multiple female or gender-fluid roles, or deals with female or female-identifying-centered issues once in the Fall semester. The group also plans to continue the OWP’s (Original Works Project). Our group intends to invite guest artists to talk to our department, which would include female actors/directors/playwrights working professionally in the D.C. area and/or even invited female artists throughout the country. We want to make it clear that this group does not exclude men, non-binary individuals, or those who choose not to identify as female. Anyone and everyone is encouraged to write, act, or help produce any of our original works or main semester plays, no matter their religion, ethnicity, or gender. Everyone has been positively affected by a female figure at some point in their lives, whether it be a family member, politician, celebrity, or social activist. Everyone has an important and valid story to tell, and our group wants to allow showing and sharing them with the TDPS and the UMD community.