BlackLight Summit: Movement Workshop with Mark Caserta • IN-PERSON

BlackLight Summit: Movement Workshop with Mark Caserta • IN-PERSON

Movement Research/Contemporary Forms
Saturday, February 11, 2023 • 2:45PM

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1 hour

About the Event

Movement Workshop with BlackLight Summit artist Mark Caserta. We'll start with an injury safe/sensitive warmup with easy suggestive movement focusing on the internal body while progressing into more physical and intricate work. Moving through an open structure, Mark tries to find a real connection to the floor and space, play with contrasting approaches and allow the dancers to find their own groove. I utilize classical, contemporary ballet, modern techniques and social dance, fuzed with isolation, imagery and connectivity to create loose phrase work as a structure for each dancer to explore their own language within. Finding balance between and bridging our human experience and our movement language.

About the BlackLight Summit

This event is part of the BlackLight Summit. We need some R&R! Not rest & relaxation, but risk and regeneration. Perhaps even rage & repair. There is no returning to what came before, so how can we fall into new possibilities, realities and ways of being? For this next season, how do we hold that "if no one goes first, how can anyone follow?" BlackLight 2023 is taking the leap into risking wrong, risking right, risking being loved and seen. In order to take these steps, how are we recovering and regenerating? We have lost so much. How can we find who we are and who we want to be? Join us for some much needed R&R.

Through three days of groundbreaking dance performances, inspiring keynote speeches, energizing movement workshops and intimate panel discussions, The Clarice’s BlackLight Summit aims to activate the unimagined possibilities in dance. It is a convening that envisions dance as a conduit to galvanize resilience and inventiveness, and in 2023 offers a combination of free and Pay What You Wish in-person events and free livestream events. Throughout the 2022–23 season, the BlackLight Summit will continue to foster community connection by facilitating a series of mentoring and professional development opportunities, conversations and performances.