UMD Immersive Media Design Showcase

UMD Immersive Media Design Showcase

Saturday, September 18, 2021

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Interact with the various projections that react to movement and music, or immerse yourself in a meditative experience!

Brayan Pinto: Within Reality

Within Reality is a video immersive piece that plays with the ideas of time, space and perception. This includes a variation of special effects that introduce a new way of perceiving our spaces and surroundings.

Cassiel Arcilla: Meditations

Meditations is a generative experience accompanied by soothing sounds, intended to transport the subject from the noisy chaos of the external world and invite them into a still state of mind, where introspection is encouraged.

Jasmine Voon: Nox in a Box

Nox in a Box is an experimental work in progress that explores and plays around with the interaction and transition of various elements, such as water and glowing objects. This piece attempts to simulate the feeling of serenity when standing under the moon in an open field, the seaside at midnight, or witnessing a sunrise from the horizon.

Philippe Mazanov: Beta Saber

A Guitar-Hero-esque rhythm game that works with any song! Songs are downloaded off of YouTube or Spotify.



This event is part of NextNOW Fest. The Clarice’s NextNOW Fest is an inspiring arts experience that celebrates imagination, creativity and community. By amplifying the voices of intriguing, inventive artists from around campus and our community, NextNOW Fest creates a forward-looking microcosm where art transforms our future and (re)connects us all.

NextNOW Fest is a signature event in University of Maryland's new Arts for All initiative, which leverages the combined power of the arts, technology and social justice to address the grand challenges of our time. In addition to our traditional student, academic and touring arts lineup at The Clarice on Sep 17 and 18, we’re thrilled to forge new partnerships with more student-led groups, academic departments and community organizations to expand the festival to seven days at sites throughout campus and into College Park!

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