TDPS Experimental Performance Series

TDPS Experimental Performance Series

October 29-31, 2021
Principal People: 

The World is On Fire, but Here is A Dance choreographed by Maggie Laszewski, M.F.A. Dance ’23

Chiffon written by Ayanna Hill, B.A. Theatre ’22

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The World is On Fire, but Here is A Dance choreographed by Maggie Laszewski

The purpose of “The World is On Fire, But Here is a Dance” is to activate the physical space of an unconventional theatre setting by placing the audience in close proximity to the dancers. Over the course of the pandemic, occupying physical space together has been a rarity. In this piece, Laszewski celebrates being connected in a three-dimensional capacity once again. Amid the stress, grief, trauma and heaviness of the current state of the world, this work is about finding levity in an attempt to reveal inherent comedic elements in movement. The dancers fly through space with pathways and obstacles unknown while committing to continuous choreography. The arc of this piece builds into a climactic moment, which embodies the cathartic release of abrupt laughter. The dancers are not intentionally looking for a laugh, but a smirk at best. Laszewski explores the reverberation of subtle shifts in movement qualities and impulses to create chaos, resulting in a lighter consideration of reality. The vulnerability of sharing physical space between the audience and dancers establishes trust to engage in the possibility for relief during a period of despair.

Chiffon written by Ayanna Hill

Chiffon is a play about a young girl fighting against the expectations of femininity during the drastic shift in self-image that comes during early adolescence. She fights against the molds that she feels pressured to fit into and struggles with her ability to embrace her femininity and the body she was born into.

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