TDPS Experimental Performance Series

TDPS Experimental Performance Series

October 29-31, 2021
Principal People: 

The World is On Fire, but Here is A Dance choreographed by Maggie Laszewski, M.F.A. Dance ’23

Chiffon written by Ayanna Hill, B.A. Theatre ’22

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The World is On Fire, but Here is A Dance choreographed by Maggie Laszewski

This physical theater performance is an episodic exploration that mirrors the “rule of three” in comedy, a practice in repetition that creates an element of surprise. Staged as a low-budget comedy club experience, this work explores how subtle shifts of meaning reverberate and create chaos in a system of repeated words and actions.

Chiffon written by Ayanna Hill

Chiffon is a play about a young girl fighting against the expectations of femininity during the drastic shift in self-image that comes during early adolescence. She fights against the molds that she feels pressured to fit into and struggles with her ability to embrace her femininity and the body she was born into.

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