NextNOW WinterFest: Maryland Filmmakers Showcase

NextNOW WinterFest: Maryland Filmmakers Showcase

Wednesday, February 17, 2021 . 7PM
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This showcase contains adult subject matters.

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This event will be live captioned. For more information regarding accessible accommodations, please click here.


Maryland Filmmakers will be showcasing a selection of entirely student-made films! Come check out the amazing local talent, and be sure to stay for the Q&A sessions after each screening to hear from the creators about the production process, and how you can get involved in filmmaking!

This event is part of NextNOW WinterFest, a midwinter interlude of events, showcases and activities that feature UMD student artists. Presented by NextNOW Fest at The Clarice, NextNOW WinterFest continues to celebrate imagination, creativity and community in a virtual setting. Stay warm, stay cozy and stay creative!


The following films will be screened:


Taste of It

Director: Elaine Li
Genre: Drama
Run Time: 8:39
Please note this film contains some mature themes and violence that is only intended for mature audiences.

The Auteur
Director: Stone Heyman
Genre: Comedy
Run Time: 6:04
Please note this film contains strong language that is intended for a mature audience.

In this mockumentary about a pretentious student filmmaker, documentary legend Gark Muldsburry interviews the famed Stone Heyman and various members of his crew and cast during the filming of Stone’s next film.

Over Thinking
Director: Michael Zimmerman
Genre: Comedy
Run Time: 8:29

Dak wastes a study session with Aubrey trying to decide if he should get coffee or not.

Sound Behind
Director: Robert Wolle
Run Time: 9:27
Genre: Horror

A person hears a ringing sound in their apartment.
Please note this film contains loud noises that may be overwhelming for some audience members.