NextNOW WinterFest: Art Carnival with AIGA UMD & Paint and Shells

NextNOW WinterFest: Art Carnival with AIGA UMD & Paints and Shells

Tuesday, February 16, 2021 . 7PM
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Event link will open at 6:45PM on 2/16

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Come one and come all— are hosting an art carnival! Flex your art knowledge with trivia, learn alongside a drawing demo, compete in a design challenge and even channel your inner Bob Ross! At this art carnival, you can choose your own adventure, and there’s something for everyone. 

This event is part of NextNOW WinterFest, a midwinter interlude of events, showcases and activities that feature UMD student artists. Presented by NextNOW Fest at The Clarice, NextNOW WinterFest continues to celebrate imagination, creativity and community in a virtual setting. Stay warm, stay cozy and stay creative!