ARTECHOUSE: Renewal 2121

ARTECHOUSE: Renewal 2121

Friday, September 17, 2021 - Saturday, September 18, 2021

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ARTECHOUSE brings select installations from their popular original exhibition Renewal 2121 to NextNOW Fest 2021, sharing messages of hope, environmental awareness and the perseverance of nature with the festival's visitors. Inspired by the annual cherry blossom season and utilizing the power of creative technology, Renewal 2121 was enjoyed by visitors to ARTECHOUSE's DC location from March 15 to September 6, 2021. 

Seeking to inspire hope amid a global pandemic and the glaring impacts of the climate crisis, these featured pieces transport us 100 years into the future into an industrial city where nature fights to survive in an overdeveloped metropolis. Through Renewal 2121, blossoms are seen peeking out past the plastic, concrete and neon lights, ready to renew the season with the help of those willing to take action. "In showing a possible future that will come about if we continue our reckless industrial development at its current pace, we hope that this installation will inspire visitors to be part of a positive change," ARTECHOUSE's Founder & Chief Creative Officer Sandro Kereselidze said.

ARTECHOUSE is driven by their core mission to inspire, educate and empower. They are excited to be a part of NextNOW Fest for a second year, inspiring the next generation of artists while showing students and the public alike the realm of possibilities living at the intersection of art, science and technology. ARTECHOUSE is pleased to bring pieces from Renewal 2121 to more people in the DC-area community, and to get as many people as possible interested in this 21st-century medium. They hope that audiences will be motivated to visit their locations, learn more about technology-driven art and maybe even enter the field themselves.



This event is part of NextNOW Fest. The Clarice’s NextNOW Fest is an inspiring arts experience that celebrates imagination, creativity and community. By amplifying the voices of intriguing, inventive artists from around campus and our community, NextNOW Fest creates a forward-looking microcosm where art transforms our future and (re)connects us all.

NextNOW Fest is a signature event in University of Maryland's new Arts for All initiative, which leverages the combined power of the arts, technology and social justice to address the grand challenges of our time. In addition to our traditional student, academic and touring arts lineup at The Clarice on Sep 17 and 18, we’re thrilled to forge new partnerships with more student-led groups, academic departments and community organizations to expand the festival to seven days at sites throughout campus and into College Park! 

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