MFA Dance Thesis Concert

MFA Dance Thesis Concert

October 4 - 6, 2019
Principal People: 

Heidi McFall, choreographer
Ronya-Lee Anderson, choreographer

Event Attributes


Corpora Caelestia: A Movement Opera by Heidi McFall

Corpora Caelestia: A Movement Opera is a music and dance collaborative performance featuring a live organ, voice and movement by an ensemble of women. This sacred and minimalistic piece explores the contrast between the boundaries of the physical body and a freeness of spirit. The breathy, effortful quality of the organ captures a feeling of longing as the soul tries to break free from physical restriction.


Black Madonna and Miss America by Ronya-Lee Anderson

Black Madonna and Miss America is an investigation of socio-political happenings in conversation with the positioning of the Black female icon in public and private spheres—in the church, on the stage and in the streets. This cinematic and multi-genre dance piece explores the intersections between identity, cultural heritage and pop culture.