Maxwell Neely-Cohen: Visual Poetry Synthesizer

Maxwell Neely-Cohen: Visual Poetry Synthesizer

September 13 & 14, 2019 . 8PM

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The Visual Poetry Synthesizer is a sound-driven visual projections installation that has "hacked" the Google Voice API so that any words spoken into the mic are then interpreted in a visualization. Some visualizations display the words themselves; others interpret the reader's speed or volume. This installation provides an alternative way for audiences to experience poetry and spoken word. Zines/poetry chapbooks will be available for folks to read into the mic, or you can be wowed by a curated reading of undergraduate and graduate Terpoets!

Synthesizer Schedule

  • Fri, Sep 13: 8PM - 11PM

  • Sat, Sep 14: 8PM - 9PM

This event is part of NextNOW Fest 2019