Vân-Ánh Võ And The VA'V

Vân-Ánh Võ And The VA'V

The Odyssey - From Vietnam to America
Saturday, December 8, 2018 . 8PM

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This performance will last approximately 1 hour and 30 minutes with one intermission.

Vân-Ánh Võ - đàn Tranh, đàn Bầu, đàn T'rưng, vocals

The Va'v:
Alex Kelly - cello, vocals
Lee Dynes - oud, guitar, percussion
Jimi Nakagawa - percussion, taiko drums

The Vietnam War’s legacy lives on more than 40 years after its end. Emmy Award-winning and Oscar-nominated composer-performer Vân-Ánh Võ and her ensemble, The VA'V, meld traditional Vietnamese instruments with spoken word and live media to explore the deeply moving story of Vietnam’s war refugees: “Boat People.” In this multi-sensory experience, they trigger memories of the ocean carrying them from Vietnam to freedom.


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This event is part of the Year of Immigration, which aims to transform dialogue into impact on urgent issues related to immigration, global migration and refugees, and to foster open conversation and greater connection with the University of Maryland’s large and diverse international community. For more information visit yearofimmigration.umd.edu.