Faux Paz Presents: 25th Anniversary Show

Faux Paz Presents: 25th Anniversary Show

Saturday, March 10, 2018 . 7 PM
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Faux Paz is turning 25 years old! Join UMD's oldest co-ed a cappella group, Faux Paz, for a fun night of music, featuring performances from the University of Florida's Gestalt and a group of Faux Paz alumni.

In the fall of 1992, three members of the University of Maryland Treblemakers became disillusioned with the group’s all-female format and decided to create the University's first co-ed a cappella group. Thus, in January 1993, Faux Paz was born under the name “The Looney Tunes.” During its first semester, the three founders made the executive decision to scrap “The Looney Tunes” and adopt the name “The Faux Paz” on the basis that no one in the group hated it. The name stuck, and its bilingual French-Spanish translation of “false peace” proved very appropriate for the group, due to its initially tense relationship with the University’s other a cappella groups.

Since that first year, Faux Paz has continued to grow in popularity throughout College Park and beyond. The group has traveled all over the country to perform at universities, high schools, and private events in Boston, New Orleans, Los Angeles, and everywhere in between. Faux has also frequently competed in the International Championship of Collegiate A Cappella (ICCA). Faux Paz has released nine studio albums, the last of which includes Faux’s entire 2016 ICCA set, which brought them to International Finals for the second year in a row and earned them the third place award amongst many others, along with their first-place winning BOSS 2017 set. We hope to honor the group's rich history by performing music from both present and generations past.